Solar Battery Powered Homes

Whole Home Battery Systems Power Your Home.
Solar Systems Charge the Battery Array.
More Efficient • More Affordable

Photovoltaic solar systems & whole home battery systems

Tier 1 Managed Battery Systems Made in USA


Our Whole Home Battery Systems have no toxic chemicals, they're used by US Department of Defense, they perform better and last longer!

Tier 1 Solar Panels Made in USA


Our Tier 1 Solar Panels are the Best Solar Panels on the Market Today. More Reliable, Last Longer, the Least Degradation over time & Affordable!

Engineering for Solar & Battery Systems


The Engineering Package includes the Design, the system commissioning, and one full year of performance tuning with 24x7 monitoring.

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micro grid - be your own power plant

Whole Home Battery Systems & Solar Systems

Tucson Solar Companies are wondering - how did they do it? Any Solar Company can sell you a "Battery Back Up" system BUT that's NOT what we are offering! We power your whole house on batteries, and then recharge the batteries using Photovoltaic Solar Systems, this is not a back up system this is a MICRO GRID making you into your own Power Plant! The system is monitored 24x7 with an engineering package that includes performance tuning adjustments based on your power needs. 

Most people think something like this would be too expensive! You'll be happy to know Strongbuilt can make this level of technology very affordable! Excellent financing available too!

How Safe Is It?

The batteries are Made in the USA, No Toxic Chemicals, used by the Department of Defense, deployed in Iraq and Afghanistan by the USMC with a zero failure rate. No chance of thermal overrun, no chance of catching fire, these are listed as the safest batteries on the market today.